Rain Water Piping


We offer a full range of aluminium rainwater pipe systems suitable for all types of construction, whether it is a new build, restoration, redesign or renovation.

Our aluminium system work with every design

We can offer systems in a range of different shapes and sizes:


* square pipe.   75 x 75mm / 3"x3"

100 x 100mm / 4"x4"

150 x 150mm / 6"x6"


* round pipe.    63mm / 2.5"

75mm / 3"

100mm / 4"

125mm / 5"

150mm  / 6"


* Rectangle pipe. 75 x 50mm / 3"x2"

100 x 75mm / 4"x3"

150 x 100mm / 6"x4"

All our aluminium rainwater systems are available coated in a wide range of colours and finishes including the full range of RAL/BS finishes, metallic finishes and anodised coating.